3D Animated Short Film ” I Need My Monster ” BY CU Denver Digital Animation Cent

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When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note instead: “Gone fishing. Back in a week. –Gabe”

What will Ethan do?

He needs a monster under his bed.

Substitute monsters appear but none are as perfect as Gabe. Herbert’s teeth aren’t sharp enough, Mack’s slobbering induces giggles, Cynthia’s tail isn’t scary at all, and Ralph has nail polish on his claws! This will never work! How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster?

I Need My Monster is a short animated film based on the unique award wining monster-under-the-bed story for all monster-loving kids of the same title.

Created by the class of 2014 at the prestigious University of Colorado’s Digital Animation Center this animated short film, based on Flashlight Press’ children’s book written by Amanda Noll and illustrated by Howard McWilliam. Its the perfect balance of giggles and shivers will keep you under your covers, and you’ll soon be sleeping soundly.

The Digital Animation Center engages its students in a rigorous production-based three-semester/22-month capstone studio class series in which they are required to produce a high-production value animated short film. This years result is I Need My Monster. For more information go to cu3d.org.

Artist Link- https://vimeo.com/digitalanimationcenter

Web – CGSAFARI- http://www.cgsafari.net/
Youtube – http://bit.ly/2uxwLZ5
Twitter- https://twitter.com/cgsafari

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